According to the University of California San Francisco Sugar Science Page,
too much sugar in our lives can lead to
Heart Disease
Fatty Liver Disease
Metabolic Syndrome

With emerging research
showing correlations to

The 505 Project: Stay Our Sugar is a movement dedicated to freeing us from the sugar that has infiltrated so much of our lives. Sugar is hidden in our packaged foods and in restaurant meals and has married itself to many of our customs and traditions. It has become an item of every day use and to most of us, a comfort at some point in our lives. Just like alcohol, sugar is a toxin that should be used very little, but is often abused. It can be called a leading factor in what is making our country sicker and fatter every year.

The 505 Project: Stay Our Sugar will lead you through a 3 month program to help you check your sugar habit and find yourself on a path to better life-long health. You will not be alone. This online movement will connect you to others on this same path as you hold each other accountable, discuss what works and what doesn’t, read and discuss what experts have to say, and even join in on a movement to making our nation healthier.

What is involved:

  1. Accountability and success forums
  2. Bi-Weekly newsletters with tips, education, and encouragement
  3. Online book, article and video discussions
  4. Planning Advice (Meals, Snacks, Behavior Change)
  5. Parents Option Newsletters/Forums
  6. Activist Option Newsletter/Forums

Joining the movement means that you will make a 3 month commitment to what will be YOUR VERSION of a sugar beat down. Some people will need to go the zero sugar path, while others will need to figure out for themselves what a tolerable level of sugar looks like in their lives, but regardless, we will all be in this together. We will be making changes that will last not just 3 months, but creating new habits for a lifetime.   50% of our profits go back to growing the movement, while the other 50% will be donated to charities that help further our mission of making the US healthier.

The 505 – Stay Our Sugar – Movement will start once we have hit a critical mass of registrations. Join today to start the project sooner, and of course, we would love you to tell your friends as well. You will get weekly updates as we wait for launch!