Emotional Eating (Especially Around the Holidays)

Emotional Eating (Especially Around the Holidays)

Sugar and Emotional Eating

Hi everyone, it’s Carly Cummings, ED of the 505 Project and StopOurSugar.com, former sugar addict and always… your fellow life-long student in health and wellness. As many of you have heard, since having my second child in April, I have lost 45 pounds by doing just one thing: cutting sugar. I am right now discovering what my true body looks like and feels like without sugar.

Sugar consumption is now attributed to 75% of our health care costs (think diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver, inflammation, and dementia) and is in 74% of all our packaged foods.

Over the last 6 months, my life has been transformed with the revelation that most of my health problems and my family’s health history problems can be attributed to sugar consumption. So I pledged to myself and to my family that I would live a low-sugar lifestyle, BUT the holidays are upon us.

‘Tis the Season for Emotional Eating!

What do we do? Sugar is engrained in our traditions associated with this time of the year and these traditions evoke emotions both good and bad. Around the holidays (and always, for that matter) I am of the mindset that sugar should be treated in the same way we treat alcohol: used with great respect, in small amounts, and on special occasions. This is easy to say, but what do we do when we are stressed and just want a cookie, or bored/lonely and craving chocolate, or even enjoying a family tradition that includes baking?

Well, after the holidays, we will all start the Stop Our Sugar 10 Day Sugar Detox, but you can start breaking the bonds of emotional eating right now with this free gift I am giving you all today.

When you sign-up for the StopOurSugar newsletter today you will receive a free guided meditation for Breaking Free from Emotional Eating (In addition to our Anti-Aging Meditation as a holiday bonus!). With the power of visualization and positive mental programming you can change your mind to be comforted in different ways and to only need small bites of sugary foods this holiday season.


…to get your free gift for beating emotional eating and use it through the holiday season to keep your sugar habit moderate and in check until we all start fresh together in January.

See you again soon at StopOurSugar.com and much love to you all!

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