Four Powerful Tools to Combat Emotional Eating

Four Powerful Tools to Combat Emotional Eating

Your Emotional Eating Survival Guide and Toolbox

Eating healthy is easy, until life gets in the way. So, in reality, eating healthy is rarely easy. The ups and downs of every day life drain our will-power and lead us to emotional eating. Sometimes it seems like nothing can keep you away from the cookies!

As you most likely know by now, my name is Carly Cummings, and I am the Executive Director of the 505 Project and I am a former sugar addict and always… your fellow life-long student in health and wellness. Over the last year, my life has been transformed with the revelation that most of my health problems and my family’s health history can be attributed to sugar consumption.

Since having my second child in April 2017, I lost 45 pounds, and I am still discovering what my true body looks like and feels like without sugar. It bears repeating that sugar consumption is now attributed to 75% of our health care costs (think diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver, inflammation, and dementia), and sugar is in 74% of all our packaged foods. It is a real problem that needs to be addressed for our whole world, but for today’s purpose, let’s just focus on one person: YOU.

I have a feeling that if you are reading this, you are like me, in that if you are going to emotionally eat, sugar is a big player in your cravings. It’s time to change this! Starting with this Emotional Eating Survival Guide and Toolbox.

I have put together for you the most powerful set of tools out there to combat emotional eating in our FREE EMOTIONAL EATING SURVIVAL GUIDE (especially helpful around the holidays).

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Emotional Eating Survival Guide
Emotional Eating Survival Guide

Here are Your Powerful Change Tools to Combat Emotional Eating:

  • Tool 1: An Education – Understanding Your Body

    • Why We Eat

    • How We Eat

    • What We Eat (Including a Bonus Tool: Visualization)

  • Tool 2: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • Tool 3: Subconscious Help – Guided Meditation (aka self hypnosis)

  • Tool 4: Removing an Undesirable Craving Using NLP

Let’s get started…

Your emotional eating survival guide

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