How to Make an Advent Calendar (with no sugar!)

How to Make an Advent Calendar (with no sugar!)

How to Make an Advent Calendar

That Isn’t Filled with Sugar!

This Christmas I wanted an Advent Calendar for my girls. When I went to the store (or several stores) to find one, they were either filled with candy/chocolate or with toys that were too tiny and/or cheap. So, I made my own DIY advent calendar! I am of course, not the first to do this, and these punch through style advent calendar games are popular, but I thought this one turned out pretty hip, so I am sharing it with you.

– 25 Foam Cups
– 2.5″ Drill Saw Circle Attachment and Drill
– Colored Tissue Paper
– Decorations
– 25 Small Presents (Erases, Figures, Crayons, Note Pads, whistles, etc.)
– 25 Rubber bands
– Cardboard Poster Board (I used 28″ x 20″)
– Something to back or reinforce the cardboard with – I used a target shipped box a present came in.
– Strong glue or packing tape

Step 1: lay out cups in the shape of a tree on the back of the poster board and trace them (see pictures for layout).
Step 2: Drill a 2.5 inch circle in the center of each traded cup (see white side pictures).
Step 3: Layout cups and make sure all 25 small presents fit inside.
Step 3a: If you like, print out advent verses, stories or sayings for each cup. I used the free printable found on this website.
Step 4: put 2 layers of tissue over each cup – varying colors – and secure with a rubber band.
Step 5: Decorate the front of the board (I used snowflakes). I was also thinking of back lighting with led Christmas lights, but it turned out busy enough.
Step 6: Reinforce your board. I found a used shipping box that I cut at an angle to tilt the board slightly backward to secure the cups. For a second one I made for a niece, I did something similar with a large Styrofoam board from a shipped package. (See the last picture below).
Step 7: Stick those cups in the holes!
Step 8: Admire your hard work and convince the kid(s) that they have to wait for advent to punch the first cup.

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