Project One: Stop Our Sugar

Are You New to Pinterest Marketing? Struggling to Get Followers on Pinterest?

Kick-start (or reboot) your Pinterest Marketing with a couple hundred followers, a community to build with and a plan to grow.

For those of you not using Pinterest to market your business. I was one of you until not that long ago, but when I started, my web traffic sky-rocketed with engaged visitors! It was a perfect fit for me – part social, part search engine with a visual component to showcase my expertise and services.

Pinterest Marketing and followersWhy you need Pinterest in Your Marketing Plan:

  • Pinterest is a Search Engine with 200 million users that are planning, buying and educating themselves. (93% of Pinterest users report they’ve used the site to plan for a future purchase.)
  • Pinterest can increase your web traffic significantly – It more than quadrupled mine in the first week of using it to market.
  • Pinterest is only 6 years old, and it not completely flooded like some social platforms, so you can make an impact right now.

BUT… I know, starting from scratch seems hard, but it won’t be with a little help from your friends, including me. I am not claiming to be a “Pinterest Expert” but I am a connector and an entrepreneur that is also growing on and with Pinterest. That is why I put together the Pinterest Community Builder for More Followers and Increased Engagement.

There is a waiting list to join the project that I need you to join on the form below or here:

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