The Sugar Detox Challenge

The Sugar Detox Challenge

It’s time! Join us for the 505 Project’s Stop Our Sugar Detox Challenge

There is no cost and nothing to lose (unless you have a few sugar pounds you want to lose).




Curb Your Sugar Habit & Make a Difference

Sugar is everywhere (74% of processed foods!*). It is making
us fat and sick (75% of health care costs can be linked to sugar
abuse*), and it is time we stood up to this sweet talking bully.

Join us on a sugar beat down. Do it for yourself, and do
it for the health of our entire nation.

Sugar Makes You Fat: 

Some people show sugar fat to the world and some people hide the fat around their organs, but it has the same consequences.

Sugar Makes You Sick:

Diabetes, Heart Disease, Inflammation, Tooth Decay, Fatty Liver Disease, and probably Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Aging.

Sugar Makes You An Addict:

Just as some people can be addicted to cigarettes and alcohol, some people are addicted to sugar. Take back your control.


Type 2 Diabetes

Heart Disease

Lipid Problems


Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Some Cancers


Skin Sagging/Aging

Joining the Challenge means you will participate in your own sugar beat down! 5 days prep to 0 sugar for 5 days. The 10 Day Challenge creates awareness of how sugar is present (both blatant and sneaky!) in your life and then leads you through five days (or more) of sugar detoxing.

The 505 Project: Stop Our Sugar is a movement dedicated to freeing us from the sugar that has infiltrated so much of our lives. Sugar is hidden in our packaged foods and in restaurant meals and has married itself to many of our customs and traditions. It has become an item of every day use and to most of us, a comfort at some point in our lives. Just like alcohol, sugar is a toxin that should be used very little, but is often abused. It can be called a leading factor in what is making our country sicker and fatter every year.

The 505 Project: Stay Our Sugar will lead you through a 10 Day Challenge to help you check your sugar habit and find yourself on a path to better life-long health. You will not be alone. This online movement will connect you to others on this same path as you hold each other accountable, discuss what works and what doesn’t, read and discuss what experts have to say, and even join in on a movement to making our nation healthier.

After the 10 Day Challenge, you will make a 3 month commitment to what will be YOUR VERSION of a low sugar or no sugar life. Some people will need to go the zero sugar path, while others will need to figure out for themselves what a tolerable level of sugar looks like in their lives, but regardless, we will all be in this together. We will be making changes that will last not just 3 months, but creating new habits for a lifetime.


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